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Quarantine Mystery, XVI

April, 10, 2020

Cody is thirsty from our walk, so I freshen his water bowl before I open the letter from Christie and Scarlet, Attorneys at Law. What could the firm that’s handling Victor’s estate want with me? My glasses are in my pocket. No, they aren’t. I must have left them on the porch beside my rocker. That turns out to be the case.

The cover letter explains that they are sending this copy of Victor Anderson’s Last Will and Testament to all who are mentioned in the will. What? I read on. I read every word of the will, but, in essence, it says, (okay. I scan down the page until I find my own name)

To Karen McKenna I leave my car. 

I can’t believe it. Why would he leave me his car? I recall Victor teasing me, about a year ago. He said I need a new car because I was getting to the age when I shouldn’t risk car trouble on the road and my car was a break-down waiting to happen. I told him my old Toyota was in fine shape and he shouldn’t worry about me. I wonder when this will was written. I look out toward Victor’s garage at the side of his driveway and it hits me: Victor’s car is a brand-new Mercedes with, probably, less than a hundred miles on the odometer!

It also says that if, when he dies, he is in possession of more than one vehicle, I am to get the newest one.

The bulk of his considerable estate will go to his grandson, Matthew, and will be held in trust for him until he reaches age twenty-one. Arrangements will be made to cover all his college expenses when that time comes.

Other bequests are:

To Susan (Sukey) Anderson, some mutual funds to which she has already been listed as beneficiary. To Megan Anderson, two million dollars. To the American Diabetes Association, two million dollars. To the Innocence Project, (a group that works to free innocent people who have been imprisoned) two million dollars. To Blade Runners, (a group that helps amputees acquire prosthetics), two million dollars. The cash bequests are to be paid by his estate after all holdings, including the house, are liquidated. 

The house is to be sold. The will even states which agency is to handle the sale, and it’s not his ex-wife Carla Minton’s agency. Clever, Victor!

I wonder how much the mutual funds he has left to Sukey are worth. I hope it’s enough for her to get by on, although there’s been enough bad blood between them over the years, that Victor is to be congratulated for leaving her anything.

I sit and think about this new Mercedes. Chris is just itching to take my car keys. Let’s let him try to take the keys to Victor’s Mercedes. Do new cars even use keys anymore? I really am getting hopelessly out of date.

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