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Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries

Dotsy Lamb teaches Ancient and Medieval History at a small college in Virginia. She has five grown children, several grandchildren, a cat, and an ex-husband who, since his second wife was murdered, has descended into alcoholism and self-pity.

Dotsy loves to travel the world. Her summers are free. Her friend Lettie Osgood, a librarian, usually goes with her but recently (book 6) Dotsy has found a new roommate–Italian Carabinieri Captain Marco Quattrocchi.


Tourist 64Death of an Obnoxious Tourist. 2006. There’s one in every tour group: that tourist who grates on everyone’s nerves. On this bus tour of Italy, Dotsy and Lettie aren’t the only ones who’d like to throttle Meg Bauer, but grating on nerves isn’t sufficient motive for murder. Is it?\


Kindle: Death of an Obnoxious Tourist (Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries Book 1)
Audiobook: Death of an Obnoxious Tourist: A Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery, Book 1

Death of a Lovable Geek.  2008. Dotsy and Lettie are staying at an ancient Scottish castle  while Dotsy works on a nearby archaeological dig. Within the walls of the castle lurks a tangled web of old resentments, unbridled greed, and adultery.



Kindle: Death of a Lovable Geek (Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries Book 2)
Audiobook: Death of a Lovable Geek (Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries Book 2)


DeathOnAegeanQueenFrontDeath on the Aegean Queen 2010  Dotsy and Lettie are on a cruise ship the beautiful Greek Islands when Lettie’s husband, Ollie, gets involved in a poker game and the big winner disappears off the stern leaving nothing but a bloody deck behind.



Kindle: Death on the Aegean Queen (Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries Book 3)
Audiobook: Death on the Aegean Queen: A Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery, Book 3

DeathOfASecondWifeFrontDeath of a Second Wife 2013. Dotsy’s son Patrick is getting married in the Swiss village where he and his fiancee first met. The whole family is in the same remote Alpine chalet as her ex-husband and his new wife. Dotsy tries to handle it like a lady, but how can she handle being accused of a double murder?

Kindle: Death of a Second Wife (Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries Book 4)
Audiobook: Death of a Second Wife: A Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery, Book 4

68IvoryDeath in an Ivory Tower 2014. Dotsy is attending a scholarly conference at an Oxford college when a New Age man from Glastonbury is found dead and only Dotsy, a fellow diabetic, knows is wasn’t a natural death. Links to King Arthur and college politics lead Dotsy to the killer.

Hardcover: Death in an Ivory Tower (Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries)
Kindle: Death in an Ivory Tower (Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries Book 5)
Large Print: Death in an Ivory Tower (A Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery)

Death in Istanbul 2019. Dotsy’s love, Marco, talks her and Lettie into joining him in Istanbul a week before their scheduled tour of Turkey begins. But Marco is on a secret mission for the Carabinieri and Lettie is kidnapped minutes after they arrive. Death in Istanbul will be published by Harlequin/Worldwide Mystery, August 10, 2019. Look for it online at Mystery

Kindle:  Death in Istanbul (Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery Book 6)




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