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The Japanese Throne

On my recent trip to Japan, I made a careful study of Japan’s most amazing technological product–the toilet. Normally not a topic for polite discussion, the Japanese Toilet is a true work of art and only a little less complicated than a Maserati.


The seat is heated to a pleasant 75 degrees or so. On the right side, just about where your right hand comfortably comes to rest–unless you’re holding something (like a book)–is an arc of options with icons and buttons you may want to push.

Note the “Flushing Sound” can be adjusted up or down but I can’t think why one would choose maximum volume. On the other hand, minimum volume might be anxiety-producing in those waiting their turn outside the door.

High-end toilets may also have an array of spray options, including pulse, spiral, and surprise me.

Our guide treated us to an exciting Power Point presentation on state-of-the art Japanese Loos, and claimed to have 300 more examples to show us when we said, “That’s enough.”

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