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Virginia is for Mysteries, Vol. I showcases stories from the Sisters in Crime Chapters of Tidewater and Central Virginia. My stories are Virginia is for Mysteries, Vol I is an audacious romp through the Old Dominion, the birthplace of six presidents, and last known location of Blackbeard’s head. Members of two Virginia chapters of Sisters in Crime contributed stories and two of those stories were written by me:

Excerpt from Twenty-five Heads are Better than None.

Lily stood up, knocked sand off her shorts, and stumbled sideways, her right hand breaking her fall as she toppled into the pile of driftwood.

“Oh, my Lord! Oh! Oh!”  She jumped backward, her hand to her chest, her throat making strange gurgling noises.  Like tacks to a magnet, every student in the class dashed to the spot, most of them getting there before I did.

“Miz McCAAARthy!”

It was awful.  It wore jeans, a Timberland jacket, work boots, and, judging by its

broad shoulders, it appeared to be a man.  I would say that he was lying on his face, but that wouldn’t be quite accurate because he had no face.  He had no head.

Paperback: Virginia is for Mysteries, Volume I

VIFM2 CoverVirginia is for Mysteries, Vol II Due to the popularity of Volume One, we did a Volume Two. Again, we included a map of the state showing the location of each of the stories.

Excerpt from A Mystery atLuray Caverns: 

The teenaged guide in an orange polo shirt led her group of twenty tourists into the underworld of Luray Caverns, down the walkway illuminated by recessed lights, around stalagmites, and past glassy pools. She froze when she heard the scream from behind.


The twenty visitors—old and young, fat and thin—melded into an impenetrable mass around the source of the scream and prevented the guide from seeing the reason for it. Waving her flashlight like a weapon, she shouted, “Let me through!”

A few seconds later, her beam found the reason for the alarm. A stalactite close to the paved path dripped a bright crimson liquid from its tip and into a shallow pool.
Paperback: Virginia is for Mysteries: Volume II

50 shades of cabernet big50 Shades of Cabernet is the work of 18 award-winning mystery writers who wrote stories with only one thing in common: They all contain the word Cabernet. By the bottle, by the glass, by the keg–it usually spells murder.

Excerpt from Name your Poison:

Victor popped a cube of cheese into his mouth and took a large swig of red wine. His glass hit the floor and shattered. His eyes rolled back, lids fluttering, and his head dropped to one side. He clutched at the serving tray on the table beside us and toppled it, sending toothpick-skewered meatballs and spring rolls flying. He slid to the floor, taking a corner of the tablecloth with him, his body jerking spasmodically under a hail of cherry tomatoes.

“Paramedics!” I shouted, kneeling beside the portly, white-bearded mystery writer.

Paperback: 50 Shades of Cabernet: A Mysterious Anthology
Kindle: 50 Shades of Cabernet: A Mysterious Anthology
Hardcover: 50 Shades of Cabernet: A Mysterious Anthology

More Anthologies and Novellas, all recently added.

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