"Here is my theory on this one. If you write things down, if there is a mystery and you try and explain it, once you've written it down for permanent, in due time, it'll be proven stupid."
- Joey Santiago


Death in an Ivory Tower

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It's a scholarly conference at Oxford and the subject is "The Lingering Effects of the King Arthur Tales on Life in Elizabethan England," but two participants don't fit in. Dotsy Lamb, PhD candidate from Virginia, has inadvertently invited a couple of New Agers from Glastonbury. Their agenda is to prove to these arrogant academics that King Arthur and Guinevere were real people. As a big surprise, Bram Fitzwaring plans to produce their royal bones.

Fitzwaring doesn't show up for his scheduled address because he's still in his room. Dead. An insulin-dependent diabetic, Fitzwaring appears to have died from hypoglycemia. But Dotsy, also diabetic, says his symptoms prior to his demise do not spell hypoglycemia. They spell murder.

The Man on the Istanbul Train

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Dr. Lacy Glass is traveling by rail to an archaeological dig in central Turkey when she sees a man she befriended hours earlier fly past the window of the train. Dead. If not for her, he wouldn't have even been on the train so she feels responsible.
When she arrives at the dig she learns that the dig's backer, a wealthy American, has died there that same morning. Problem? Both men seem to have been named Maxwell Sebring.

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Scorpion House
Cover by Carl Graves, Extended Imagery

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New series!  Dr. Lacy Glass is younger (early thirties) than Dotsy Lamb, so you can expect her to give us more action and less common sense. Lacy is long on determination and on academic-type knowledge but short on decision-making skills. Her field is botany, her specialty is plant pigments, and that gets her into some far-flung assignments as a color expert.  Scorpion House is set on the west bank of the Nile River, near Luxor. Lacy is living with nine other scientists in an expedition house while they analyze the tomb of an 18th Dynasty nobleman named Seti. The sudden death of Lacy’s best friend and mentor on their first night is the start of a series of mishaps and curious deaths. But for an explanation, Lacy has to look back five years to an unsolved murder in Virginia.
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Death of a Second Wife

Hardcover and Large Print
From Five Star/Cengage
ISBN-13: 978-1-4328-2592-8

The fourth Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery takes Dotsy and Lettie to the Alps where Dotsy’s son Patrick is getting married.  Patrick wants the whole family to stay together in the same chateau but, ouch, that puts Dotsy in the same house with her ex-husband and his new wife! Murder soon follows, reinforcing the advice: Don’t go anywhere with this pair of women. Want to read a sample? Excerpt here.



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