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Choosing a new read

I’ll never forget how happy I was the first time I walked into a Barnes and Noble and found they had put upholstered armchairs in the aisles! An invitation to sit! With a book. One of their books. No more sneaking to read a bit before you bought. No more leaning against the shelf to rest your tired feet. Now I could audition my next read before I bought it.

I’ve heard that some bookstores are taking the comfy chairs away because they seem to be magnets for drifters, amorous teens, and others who have no intention of buying. Too bad.

But here’s the question: How do you choose your next read?

Do you have a tall TBR stack beside your chair or your bed? Do you go online? To Amazon, B&N, or  Goodreads?

If you are actually at a bookstore, do you scan the shelves for books with jackets in your favorite color? (They say books with green jackets don’t sell well. I don’t believe that) You may head for the aisle of your favorite genre. Mine would be Mystery, but I always take a turn through the Travel section, too.

Do you look for your favorite author? I have a couple of favorites that I will almost automatically buy as soon as I hear they have a new book out.

Is it the title that grabs you?

Do you read the blurbs? It’s really too bad that word “blurb” has two meanings. Blurb may refer to the short description you can find on the back of the jacket. I always read it. Blurb may also refer to the short quote, like “Best book ever!!”  written by other writers or famous people. These seem to have taken over the first pages until you can’t find Chapter One any more. Some books today have over a hundred. I never read these.

But the best method by far is the old armchair method. Online, you can click on the Look Inside tab. If you find you’ve read for ten minutes and still want more, it’s a keeper. A great author or an irresistible story has grabbed you and down the rabbit hole you go . . . again.

3 comments on “Choosing a new read

  1. Robbi says:

    I did love those comfy chairs when they first put them in Barnes and Noble! Haven’t seen them since forever! I have many stacks of books! Ones I can’t wait to read because I love the author! Others intrigued me to buy but then after beginning them, I put them down and they are in the someday I will read them…..some are written by an author whose first book I loved but not the next! Downstairs I keep a stack of nonfiction and short story collections ! BoOk shelves are loaded with favorite books I have read and can’t part with! Yes ,Maria, your authored books are among that group


    1. This makes me feel good. Thanks!


  2. Penny says:

    And I love sitting in my comfy chair at home with a good book too. I read on my tablet often because it’s easier on the eyes but I LOVE to hold a good book.


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